New Albany Home Inspection

My New Albany Indiana inspection today 6/17/19 had a new roof installed. Here's some of what I found. 

Jeffersonville Home Inspection

Checked Right Home Inspections inspector Ron Gurgol found a defect in the roofing of a brand new home. This may have had some wind damage before the home was completed but the repair job is less than a handyman style of fixing.
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New Albany Home Inspection

Checked Right Home Inspections inspector Ron Gurgol found a missing piece of roof flashing during this New Albany home inspection.
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New Albany Home Inspection

During this home inspection in New Albany Indiana Checked Right Home Inspections found a large section of the foundation plate that was never installed.
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New Home Inspection

I'll let you decided if you need a Home Inspection on a new home. This home will not only house the client but it will also house some birds. New home in Greenville Indiana inspected by Checked Right Home Inspections. #doitrightcallcheckiedright #yourthoroughhomeinspector #yourrightchoice
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New Home Inspection

I am always asked "do I really need a home inspection on a new home". During a Sellersburg home inspection on a new home Checked Right Home Inspections found some missing flashing in a very important location. This may be hard to see but where the gutter is dispersing the water there is some visible wood due to a piece of missing flashing where the gutter fascia board meets the roof line.
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To be a good thorough home inspector you must have experience in the building trades. Not just one aspect but all aspects. You must be fair with the home you are inspecting by inspecting it according to when it was built. With out experience you woukd have no idea. 


I do not charge for a reinspection fee (2017) unless a crawlspace is involved! 
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My highest Radon Measurement reading was in Jeffersonville Indiana with a 59.8 pCi/L

This additional beam for structural support was not completed in a professional manner. There is no way a structural engineer would approved this application. 
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