About My Reports

Time is a precious commodity, and with Checked Right Home Inspections paperless report system, you will get your home inspection results quickly and conveniently. You will receive your report the evening of the inspection appointment.

Checked Right Home Inspections understands that privacy and discretion are important. The inspection report is completely confidential. This permits you to choose who views your personal report.

My reports are very specific. The photography service allows you a greater understanding by actually showing any problems on your report. Some pictures may be informational and of a general view, to help you understand where I have been, what was looked at, and the condition of the item or area at the time of the inspection. Not all problem areas or conditions will be supported with photos.

My Standard Inspection is what some other companies call Premium, etc. There are additional individual inspections like Termite (Wood Destroying Insects), Mold (This is an Air Quality Lab Test for high levels of mold spores), Radon Measurement (Radon Gas), Septic Dye Test. These are the four major tests that most Clients ask for. Others are Lead Paint, Asbestos, Water Quality for Wells, etc.