Home Inspection Pricing

I am very reasonable in my pricing due to having very low overhead. I am self employed and handle all transactions. Due to not having a secretary to answer calls it is very important to leave me a message when calling and I will get back with you after my day of Inspections.

There are many variations to pricing a Home Inspection. You may just want a General Inspection which covers: Total Structure (roof, attic, crawl, basement, etc.) Electrical, Plumbing, etc. and this is priced according to square footage.

Additional Inspections would include things like: Termite, Mold, Septic, Well Water Quality, Air Quality, Lead Paint, Asbestos, HUD/FHA Engineered Foundation Certificate Inspection, etc. which all would add to the cost.

Please go to SCHEDULE A HOME INSPECTION and fill out the necessary form and get a $25.00 discount.

If I do not answer the phone I am in the field giving my Client a 100% and I wouldn't do any less for you. Not having a Receptionist lowers my overhead which in turn saves you money. I will call you back as soon as I get back into my office and sometimes this may be as late as 7 pm. You can fill out the form on line which will be the questions I'm going to ask you anyhow. 

Do not listen to some companies that say "I wouldn't hire someone at that price" or "You get what you pay for" to scare you to hiring them at a higher price. Some people have a lower overhead and may have another income coming in.

Schedule an Inspection you will be receiving a $25 discount for filling out this form.

Have me call you.


I am offering this 90 day from closing BUY BACK GUARANTEE if you are not satisfied with this home after my inspection due to a missed inspection issue!     


Here's my mailing address to send a check:
813 Smith Street
Salem, In. 47167